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FRNCH Brand is a contemporary study of the mythical Parisian silhouette. Dedicated to a city that embraces elegance and simplicity, FRNCH's ready-to-wear concept boldly merges the feminine look with the masculine. The result is an audacious expression of Parisian style, culture and way of being. FRNCH is a collection of clean lines, refined fabrics, and sophisticated details developed with a touch of vintage in a variety of timeless pieces.


Letter to Juliet is a modern denim essentials brand, crafted in Los Angeles. LTJ uses denim made with nature-friendly, premium fabrics that are sewn and washed by skilled workers in a local factory. They’ve set out to take your everyday essentials and elevate them to become mainstays in your wardrobe. LTJ is for any woman in pursuit of the perfect fitting pair of jeans.

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Traffic People is a London-based brand looking to bring a contemporary twist for the women who desire a timeless design with the right amount of edge to reflect her unique inner style. Traffic People works to create contemporary, edgy and creative styling with the TP girl at the heart of everything produced. Cleverly cut pieces in fabulous high-quality fabrics with delectable detailing and prints, ensures Traffic People has unique exclusivity to the brand that sets them apart. 

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